Micheál (me-haul) O’Leary is originally from Dublin, Ireland. He studied agricultural science at University College Dublin and like many of his generation, immigrated to the U.S.  With only $700 in his pocket, Micheál began working in the service industry, and eventually opened his own pub in Culver City. He was elected to Culver City City Council in 2008 and was termed out as Mayor in 2016. In 2017 he sold his business to run for the Board of Equalization with the intent to shut it down. The Board of Equalization is a $50 million a year drain on the taxpayer and seemingly is just a place holder seat for career politicians. Micheál’s goal is to win the seat, utilize the power of audit internally to further motivate the Legislature to do the Constitutional Amendment required to remove the office.  Below is a bullet list of key info and previous office/positions held.

– Culver City Mayor, Vice Mayor and City Council Member 2008 – 2016
– Chairman of Culver City Redevelopment Agency *
– Vice-Chairman of the Employee Relations Policy Committee, League of California Cities *
– Vice-President of both Los Angeles Division, League of California Cities and Independent Cities Assn. *
– Legislative Committee Member, Los Angeles Division League of California Cities *
– Board Member, Westside Cities Council of Governments, Homelessness Committee *
– Commissioner on Alcohol and Drugs Committee for the LA County Dept. of Public Health, Substance Abuse & Control Division *
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