Thank You for the support!

To all the Campaign Volunteers, Contributors and Supporters,

It is with a heavy heart today that I must concede in my effort to win a State seat. In retrospect, as an independent candidate without major funding resources and party endorsements, it was probably too big a field of candidates and too ambitious a jump into big league politics, where the 2 party system is still the main force to contend with. Over the next few weeks I will re-evaluate my strategy for re-entering the political arena and would love to know that I have your support in that endeavor. While I still believe that our message was strong, it was our inability to get that message out to the 11 million people in the district that was our biggest downfall. On a brighter note, our voter base and support has increased 10 fold since last getting elected to the Culver City, City Council in 2012. I am confident that we can build on that support and promise you that I will never give up the good fight on your behalf.

Thank you for your confidence,


Micheál (Me-haul) O’Leary.

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